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  abide vi.逗留, 居住They abide in a remote village.他们居住在一个偏远的村子里。

  vt.容忍, 忍受屈从How can you abide such a person?你怎么能屈从于这样的人?

  about prep.转到相反的方向About turn 口令:向后转!

  【真题例句】Curbs on business-method claims would be a dramatic about-face because it was the federal circuit itself that introduced such patents with is 1998 decision in the so-called state Street Bank case, approving a patent on a way of pooling mutual-fund assets. 【2010年阅读Txte2】


  abrupt adj指语言上不连贯的 an abrupt style of writing不连贯的写作风格;(指斜坡)陡峭的;

  absence n缺少,缺乏[U][(+of)];缺席的时间;外出期;不注意,心不在焉

  The absence of color in that drawing makes it dull. 那幅画因没有着色而显得晦暗。

  He repeated absences from school.屡次缺课。

  【真题例句】There is “the democratizing uniformity of dress and discourse, and the casualness and absence of deference” characteristic of popular culture. 【2006年Text1】


  absolute adj有无限权力的专制的An absolute ruler can do just as he please. 一个专制的统治者可以为所欲为。

  非相对的There's no absolute standard for it. 它没有绝对的标准。

  独立的;绝对的We now have the absolute proof of his guilt. 我们现在有他犯罪的确凿证据。

  absorb vt并入,使合并;减少(冲击、困难等的影响)

  The surrounding villages have been absorbed by/into the growing city.周围的村庄已经合并到了日益扩大的城市。

  Buffer absorbed most of the shock.减速器大大减少了震动。

  academic n. [C]学术的学者

  【真题例句】If the preoccupation of schools with academic work was lessened, more time might be spent teaching children surer values.【1995 年Text4】


  【真题例句】Leonard Schlesinger, a Harvard academic and former chief executive of Au Bong Pain, a rapidly growing chain of bakery cafes, says that much “reengineering” has been crude.【1998年阅读text2】


  accent n强调,着重[U][(+on)]重点;强调 In all our products the accent is on quality.我们所有的产品都要强调质量。

  accept vt欢迎 He was never really accepted by his classmate.他从未真的受到班上同学的欢迎。

  acceptance n[C](商) 承兑,认付 ;Documentary credit acceptance advice 跟单信用证承兑通知书

  acceptable n可承受的危险,牺牲(商)利润率

  accessory n[C]从犯,同谋[(+to)] 妇女饰品;房间陈设[P1]

  He is Tom's accessory. 他是汤姆的帮凶。

  Even if she doesn't actually read it, a folded pink paper sticking out of her bag is a nice fashion accessory.


  形容词 a. 1. 附加的,附属的;辅助的2. 同谋的,帮凶的3. 非主要的;副的

  With two years working experience of sale electronic products or electronics accessory;. 两年以上销售经验者优先。

  It was an accessory food supply. 它提供辅助的食物。

  accident n机遇By accident of birth, he is entitle to British civil.出生地原因他有权成英国公民。

  accommodate vt迎合,考虑 accommodate the special needs of minority groups.考虑到少数民族的特殊需要。

  accommodation n调解,和解They reached an accommodation with neighboring countries. 他们同邻国和解了。

  accompany vt与...同时发生;strong winds accompanied with heavy rain风雨交加

  补充增加The text is accompanied by illustration. 正文附有插图

  accomplish accomplished fact 既成事实

  accord n【书】给予;赠予;授予[O1];(国家之间的)协议;条约[C][(+with/on)] ;自愿[U ]

  He was accorded a warm welcome at the airport. 他在机场受到热烈欢迎。

  The government expected a temporary accord with the Opposition before the end of the year.


  . I know you were there of your own accord. 我知道你是自愿去那儿的。

  account on sb’s account for 为了....缘故 account for sth/sb 解释说明;摧残,杀死

  Don’t change your plans on my account.不要因为我的原因而改变计划。

  His illness accounts for his absence.他因为生病, 所以才缺席。

  Our anti-aircraft guns accounted for enemy bombers.我们的高射炮击落了敌机。

  acid adj尖酸的,尖刻的 Everyone doesn't like to hear the acid remarks. 没有人喜欢听那尖酸刻薄的话

  the acid test 严峻的考验

  The acid test for a good driver is whether he remains clam in an emergency.


  acidly 讽刺地 acidify 酸化

  acquire an acquired taste 爱好 嗜好Abstruse art is an acquired taste.抽象艺术是一种通过学习才能获得的爱好。

  act n. [C] (常大写)法案,法令;vt装出;举动像

  Would you tell us something about the new Education Act? 请你给我们讲讲新的教育法好吗?

  He acted the wise man who knew everything and never made mistakes.他装成无所不知,从不出错的聪明人。

  active adj放射性的

  actually adv实际地,实在地 居然竟然 She actually won it! 她居然获胜了!

  acute adj严重的 巨大的There ’s an acute shortage of water.这里严重缺水。

  精明的 有洞察力的 He is an acute observer. 他是个敏锐的观察家

  address vt致函,写姓名地址;【计算机用语】 寻址

  address oneself to sth向…讲话;忙于致力于

  Kindly address yourself to the chairman, not directly to other representatives at this meeting.

  请你向主席讲, 不必直接向与会代表讲。

  Let us address ourselves to the matter in hand.咱们来干手头这件事吧。

  【真题例句】Depending on whom you are addressing, the problems will be different.【2002年阅读Tex1】


  【真题例句】Prior to his departure, he addressed a letter to his daughter. 【1986年词汇第3题】


  adhere vt遵循原则We adhere to the principle that everyone should be treated fairly. 我们必须坚持人人都平等对待这一原则。

  administer vt分发(药物),实施(疗法)Paramedic crews are capable of administering drugs.护理人员有能力给病人服药。

  给予,实施(惩罚)Retribution was administered to those found guilty.对有罪者予以惩罚。

  vi有助于Physical exercise administers to the circulation of the blood.体育锻炼有助于血液循环。

  adjust vt安排整理理顺She carefully adjusted her clothes and her hair before going out.她仔细整理她的头发和衣服才出门。

  advance vt提出(建议、看法、理论等)The theory was advanced by an American professor. 该理论是一位美国教授提出的。

  n[C]预付款,贷款He was given an advance of fifty dollars on his salary. 预支了五十元薪金给他。

  advise vt(商业)通知, 报告Please advise the date of shipment as soon as possible.请尽快通知装货日期。

  advice n 消息, 报道; (商业)通知Do not sell on any account until further advice.在另行通知前切勿出售。

  aerial n[C]存在或悬于空中;天线an aerial railway 高架铁桥

  against prep. (表示依据)以…为标准I checked my watch against the steeple clock.我根据教堂尖塔的大钟对了表。

  以…兑/交换Please deliver this package against payment of cost请把这件货物送去, 把货款带回。

  (表示对比)和…比, 和…对照; 以…为背景

  He is elected by a majority of 40 votes against 10.他以40票对10票的大多数票当选。

  agency by the agency of sb/sth 由于…..帮助;由于….影响

  He obtained his position by the agency of friends.由于朋友的帮助,他获得了一个职位。

  rocks worn smooth by the agency of water 岩石由于水的作用而变得光滑

  agent n. [C]作用者, 原动力, 动因; 作用剂Soap is not the only cleansing agent.肥皂并不是唯一的清洁剂。

  特务 an enemy agent 敌特

  agreeable adj 欣然同意的He was quite agreeable to accepting the plan.他乐意接受这项计划。

  令人愉快的, 惬意的It's very agreeable to have you here.有你在这里很令人愉快。

  aggressive adj大胆的,积极的(褒义)

  【真题例句】 Now it is a social policy, the most important and aggressive promoter of gambling in America is the government.【2006年新题型】


  album n. [C]唱片Their best-selling album has won three awards. 他们最畅销的唱片赢得了3个奖项。

  alert vt.使(某人)保持警觉提醒(某人)注意(某事)The voice of the caller alerted her.呼唤者的声音使她警觉起来。

  The boss alerted him that thief might come out at night.老板要他提防夜里可能有贼。

  n.警戒; 警报 The whole navy was placed on full alert.整个海军都处于全面戒备状态。

  alien adj陌生的;相异的,格格不入的He quickly adjusts to the alien environment.他很快适应陌生的环境。

  【真题例句】There exists a social and cultural disconnect between journalists and their readers, which helps explain why the “standard templates” of the newsroom seem alien to many readers. 【2001年阅读Text3】


  alive adj敏感的,注意到的,感觉到的He is fully alive to the possible dangers.他充分意识到了潜在的危险。

  有电的The wire is alive. 这条电线带电。

  充满的In spring those cliffs are alive with auks and gulls.春天,这些悬崖上挤满了海鸦和海鸥。

  有效的【真题例句】Companies with low accident rates plan their safety programs, work hard to organize them, and continue working to keep them alive and active. 【1999年完型】


  allowance n折价;折扣[C] make an allowance of 10%for cash payment现款九折

  make( an )allowance for sth 估计到考虑到

  make allowances for sb 原谅 体谅

  She failed one of the exam papers, but we ought to make allowance for the fact that she was ill.


  amount vi等同, 接近His words amounted to a threat.他的话实际上是威胁。

  no amount of 即使再多…也不No amount of talk is going to change anything.谈得再多也不会有任何改变。

  alloy vt使减弱;使损害;使降低(价值乐趣)Happiness that no fear could alloy. 恐惧损害不了幸福。

  analogy n[U][S1]类推法It is not always reliable to argue by analogy. 用类推法论证并不总是可靠的

  analysis in the last /final analysis 归根结底

  analyze vt.审查细查说明 We must try to analyze the cause of the strike.我们必须尽力剖析罢工的原因。

  ancestor n. [C]雏形先驱 The ancestor of the modern bicycle was called a penny farthing.


  anchor vt使固定,系住We anchored the tent with pegs. 我们用桩子固定帐篷。

  主持(广播节目等)She anchors a 45-minute news show at noon. 她每天中午主持四十五分钟的新闻广播。

  angel n. [C] 纯洁的心地善良的人 Be an angel ,take me a cup of tea.行行好,给我倒杯茶吧!、

  angle at an angle倾斜The famous tower of Pisa leans at an angle. 有名的比萨塔是斜的。


  The famous programme is angled at young viewers.这档著名的节目是专门为年轻人播的

  vi钓鱼 angling for trout 钓鳟鱼引诱,谋取 angle for sympathy 博取同情

  announce vt通报...的到达;通知...已准备好The servant announced Mr. and Mrs. Hunter. 仆人通报亨特夫妇驾到。

  anonymous adj无特色的,无个性特征的

  His impeccable, slightly anonymous Chelsea flat.他的无懈可击但没什么特色的切尔西公寓。

  anticipate vt抢在...之前;提前使用

  It is unwise to anticipate your earnings by spending a lot of money.大量提前用自己的收入是不明智的。

  In business, you've anticipated before your competitors will act. 在生意场上你必须先下手为强。

  answer vt符合,与...相符Her qualifications answer the requirements of the job. 她的资历符合该项工作的要求。

  合乎;满足The room will answer our needs well. 这房间很适合我们的需要。

  vi答辩How would you answer the criticism made of your work? 你对针对你的工作提出的批评作何辩解?

  适用;符合He answers to your description. 他与你的描述相符。

  apology n. [C]辩解辩护 an apology for sth 勉强的替代物

  Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience we have caused. 若有不便,请见谅。

  approach n. [C][(+to)] (科学的)方法,途经

  【真题例句】For retailers, who last year took in 24 percent of their revenue between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cautious approach is coming at a crucial time.【2004年阅读Text3】


  appreciate vt体会,领会,察知[W][+(that)];vi. (土地、货币等)增值[(+in)]

  I am afraid you have not appreciated the urgency of the matter. 恐怕你还没有意识到这件事的紧迫性。

  Land will continue to appreciate. 土地将继续增值。

  apparatus n[pl]组织 器官The breathing apparatus includes the nose, throat and lungs.呼吸器官包括鼻、咽喉及肺。

  appeal vi. 呼吁,请求 n. 呼吁,请求

  【真题例句】NBAC members also indicated that they will appeal to privately funded researchers and clinics not to try to clone humans by body cell nuclear transfer. 【1999年阅读Text4】


  vi. 起诉【常用搭配】appeal to somebody(some organization) for something

  【真题例句】 Shippers who feel they are being overcharged have the right to appeal to the federal government’s Surface Transportation Board for rate relief, but the process is expensive, time consuming, and will work only in truly extreme cases. 【2003年阅读Text3】


  appropriate vt拨出(款项); 占用.

  The government has appropriated a large sum of money for building hospitals.


  The minister was found to have appropriated government money. 部长被查出挪用了公款。

  apt adj聪明的 He is a very apt student. 他是一个很聪明的学生。

  argue vt 论证,主张;说服

  We argued her out of going on such a dangerous journey. 我们说服她不要去作这样危险的旅行。

  【真题例句】Supporters of the new super systems argue that these mergers will allow for substantial cost reductions and better coordinated service.【2003年阅读Text3】


  army n. [C][G]大批,大群The increasing army of the unemployed has attracted the attention of the economist.


  array n衣服;盛装[U][C] People are all in holiday array. 人们都穿着节日盛装。

  vt装扮The children were arrayed in pretty woollen sweaters. 孩子们穿着漂亮的羊毛衫。

  配置(兵力);整(队)[H]The army was arrayed before the commander. 部队在指挥官前列好阵势。

  arrest n阻止,抑制;vt吸引;停止,终止

  .The treatment arrested the growth of the disease. 治疗抑制了病情的发展。

  An unusual painting arrested his attention. 一幅不寻常的画吸引了他的注意。

  The patient died after suffering a cardiac arrested.病人在心脏停止跳动后死去。

  arrival n到达的人(或物);新生儿[C]They went out to welcome the new arrivals. 他们走出去欢迎新来的人。

  article n. [C] 物品vt订约,将....收为学徒 an articled clerk 订了学徒契约的店员

  If you don't return the article to the shop within a week, you forfeit your chance of getting your money back.


  art n人文科学;文科[P]She received a bachelor's degree in arts in 1974. 她于一九七四年获文科学士学位。

  associate adj副的He is an associate editor of the newspaper. 他是报纸的副主编。

  n. [C]伙伴; 同事; 朋友; 合伙人He is one of my associates at the store. 他是我店里的一位同事。

  assume vt装出,假装He assumed a look of surprise. 他装出吃惊的神色。

  承担;就任;取得The prince assumed power when he was only fifteen. 王子在十五岁时就掌权了。

  呈现;采取;采用His illness assumed a very grave character. 他的病显得非常的严重。

  assumption n担任;承担[U][C];僭越;自大[U] 夺取;篡夺[U][C][(+of)]

  The new governor's assumption of office takes place next Tuesday. 新任州长于下星期二就职。

  His air of assumption made him unpopular. 他傲慢的样子使他不受欢迎。

  assumption of power掌握政权

  artist n能手 能工巧匠 He is a real artist.他正是一个能工巧匠。

  attach vt附加,附带(to) 使隶属,使依恋;把~放在

  【真题例句】They (particularly Quebec and Alberta) just want Ottawa to fork over additional billions with few, if any, strings attached 【2005年新题型】


  【真题例句】Government attached great importance to the internet.【2001年阅读Text2】政府非很重视互联网。

  【真题例句】Because a patent remains permanently public after it has terminated, the shelves of the library attached to the patent office contain details of millions of ideas free for anyone to use…….【2003年阅读Text3】


  attachment n情感,爱慕;忠诚[U][C][(+to/for)];【律】逮捕, 扣押(人), 查封(财产)

  She formed a strong attachment for him. 她对他产生了热烈的爱慕之情。

  attack n(某种情绪)侵袭A letter from home set off an attack of homesickness. 家里来信引起了他的思乡病。

  (疾病的)发作[C][(+of)] He died of heart attack. 他死于心脏病发作。

  (努力地)着手干; He tried to attack the problem from different angles. 他试着从各个角度来着手解决这个问题。

  attend vi注意,倾听;致力(于)[(+to)]She didn't attend to what I was saying. 她并不注意听我所说的话。

  attendant adj伴随的One of the difficulties attendant on shift work is lack of sleep.轮班工作制带来的困难之一是睡眠不足。

  attitude n[C]姿势;姿态The boy was standing in an attitude of despair, his chin sunk on his chest.


  audience n听众,观众;读者群[C][G]His books have a large audience. 他的书有广大的读者。

  The audience enjoyed every minute of the performance. 观众自始至终欣赏这次演出。

  谒见;觐见[C]He was granted an audience with the king. 他获准觐见国王。

  author n. [C]创始人As the author of the scheme I can't really comment.我作为这计划的创始人是不便置评的。

  automatic adj不假思索的, 无意识的 A boy who has good manners stands up in an automatic movement when

  a lady enters the room一个有礼貌的孩子, 在一个女士进入房间时, 便会不假思索地站起来。

  必发生的You will get an automatic increase in pay every year.你每年一定有一次加薪。

  attribute n. [C]属性; 特性,特质Kindness is one of her attributes. 仁慈是她的特性之一。

  avenue n. [C] 手段,方法;途径We have explored every avenue.我们探讨了各种方法

  Books are avenues to knowledge.书籍是获得知识的渠道。

  avert vt防止,避免There must be immediate action if chaos is to be averted. 要避免混乱就必须立即采取行动。

  average adj普通的;达到平衡的There was nothing special about the meal; it was average.饭菜没什么特别, 挺平常的。

  达到平均,平均为The rainfall averages 1000mm a year.年平均降雨量为1000毫米。

  award n. [C] (给予大学生的)奖学金,助学金

  She has been awarded a scholarship to study at Harvard.她获得了去哈佛大学读书的奖学金。

  aware adj(尤指对时事)消息灵通,感兴趣She’s always been a politically aware person. 她一向是对政治很敏感的人。

  axe vt被革职,被开除;(被)减少削减砍掉

  Five hundred jobs were axed as a result of government spending cuts.由于政府缩减经费有500人被突然解雇了。

  Several of our plans got the axe when the new government came in..新政府上台后,我们有几个计划被砍掉了。

  axis n. [C]政治联合;轴心:the Axis 轴心国(二战中的德意日同盟)

  backward adj害羞的 迟钝的Backward children need a special kind of schooling.天赋差的孩子需要特殊的教育。

  Although he is clever, he is backward in giving people his views.他虽聪明却不善向人阐明自己的观点。

  The crops are backward this year.今年的收获期较往年晚。

  bad adj严重的, 厉害的He has had a bad accident.他遇到了严重的意外。

  无价值的;伪造的He ran up 87 bad cheques.他开了87张空头支票。

  不健全的;有病的;疼痛的I felt bad all day. 我整天觉得不舒服。

  badly adv极度地The firm did badly last year. 公司去年生意极度地不好。

  badge n. [C] 象征,标志Chains are a badge of slavery. 锁链是奴役的标志。

  balance n天平, 秤Weigh that loaf of bread on the balance, please.把那块面包放在秤上称一称。

  和谐 All the parts of the building are in the perfect balance.所有建筑物的各部分都非常和谐。

  收支差额,结余My bank balance isn't very large.我银行存款不多。

  建立平衡,均衡You have to balance the advantages of living in a big city against the disadvantage


  bald adj枯燥的,无装饰的;单调的;He writes in a bald style.他写得单调无味。

  bankrupt adj完全缺乏的He seemed to be bankrupt of hope and confidence.他似乎毫无希望信心。

  banner adj. 特别好的,杰出的vt. 用横幅装饰,以大标题报道

  a banner year for crops丰年banner state美国的主要州

  The denial was bannered by the People's Daily.《人民日报》用横贯全页的大标题报道了那项否认。

  bargain vi达成协议They bargained on a two year term. 他们讲定以两年为期。


  The exam was more difficult than I had bargained for.此考试之难出乎我意料。

  into the bargain另外此外She was a distinguished scientist and a gifted painter into the bargain.


  base adj卑劣的His base conduct was condemned by everyone. 他的无耻行为受到所有人的谴责。

  basin n. [C]流域the Yellow River basin黄河流域

  海湾,内港Part of the harbor is a yacht basin. 港湾的一部分是个停泊游艇的内港。

  bat vt快速地迅速地[口]眨眼睛He batted the idea around in his head. 他脑子里反复思考这个想法。

  without batting an eyelid.泰然处之,不动声色

  He heard the bad news without batting an eyelid.他听到这个坏的消息丝毫没动声色(没贬眼睛)。

  bathe vt沉浸于;沐浴在The countryside was bathed in the brilliant sunshine.乡村沐浴在灿烂的阳光里。

  bay vt咆叫The hounds were baying as they followed the escaped prisoner.猎狗在追赶逃犯时不时地咆哮着。

  n [C]隔间In the library, the books on history are all kept in one bay.在图书馆里,历史的书都放在同一隔间里。

  红棕色 riding a big bay 骑一匹红棕色的马

  beam vt面露喜色Her face beamed with joy.她面露喜色。

  广播beam programs at Russia向苏联广播

  平衡木She performed on the balance beam with much grace. 她在平衡木表演得很美。

  beard vt抓住胡须,公开反对He bearded his boss and demanded an explanation.他公然蔑视上司,并要求他作出解释。

  beard the lion in his den 不入虎穴焉得虎子;太岁头上动土

  bearing n.举止,风度;方向,方向感;方面

  Her dignified bearing throughout the trial made everyone believe she was innocent.


  lost my bearings使我晕头转向

  I fail to see the bearing of that remark.我不明白那句话的真意何在。

  We must consider this question in all its bearings. 我们因该考虑到问题的方方面面。

  become vt适合,适应适合That hat becomes you.你戴那顶帽子很合适。

  bee adj奇怪的念He has a bee in his bonnet about health foods.他对保健品有自己一套奇怪看法。

  n聚会 a spelling bee 拼词聚会

  behave vt机器运转,工作,开动:How is your new car behaving? 你的新车性能如何?

  behavior n. [U]机器的特性 The car’s behavior is very good..这辆车的性能很好

  being come into being存在开始When did the Roman Empire come into being?罗马帝国是什么时候形成的?

  believe make believe (that)假装 幻想着

  Sometimes when children play, they make believe they are grow-ups.孩子们有时在游戏时装作大人。

  belt vi (有力地)快速移动; 冲

  If you belt down the road, you'll get to the shop before it closes.如果你顺着这条道快走, 你会在商店闭店前赶到。

  bend vt专心于He couldn’t bend his mind to his studies.他未能专心致志地学习。

  beneath prep(表示状态)在…掩饰之下, 在…背面(表示比较)不及, 次于(表示环境)在…影响之下,

  由于(表示等级)低于, 不如, 在…之下

  Things rapidly became calm, though beneath the surface the argument rumbled on.

  事情迅速平静下来了, 然而, 在这种平静的表面背后争论如隆隆雷声, 持续不断。

  Richard is far beneath Henry in intelligence.理查的智力远不及亨利。

  The shelf was beginning to sag beneath the weight of the books upon it.书架在书的重压下渐渐下弯。

  Don't do anything that is beneath you.不要做与你身份不符的事。

  benefit n 退休金,救济金,保险费;vt 得益于

  【真题例句】Corporations and labor unions have conferred great benefits upon their employees and members as well as upon the general public.【99年词汇37题】


  What is odd is that they have perhaps most benefited from ambition -- if not always their own then that of their parents and grandparents. 【2000年阅读Text5】奇怪的是他们或许已经从雄心壮志中受益匪浅—―如果


  beside prep.与….比较起来 Beside yours our achievement counts for little.与你们做的成就相比我们做的算不了什么

  beside oneself 极度兴奋, 对自己的感情失去控制

  Mrs. Stephen was beside herself with joy when she heard the news.


  bid vt命令 吩咐命令, 吩咐He bade us keep in a ready posture.他嘱咐我们做好准备。

  说(问候话); 致意We bade him farewell [goodbye].我们向他告别。

  n企图, 努力He made a bid for freedom by climbing over the wall.他企图翻越这面高墙以获得自由。

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