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  1. Address演讲、讲话

  Depending on whom you are addressing, the problems will be different.


  This rule is meant to address the difficulty that students from poor homes might have in completing their homework.

  2. Air 公开表达观点或者不平装腔作势,摆架子

  Some long-standing grievances were aired.

  an unpretentious musician with no air

  3. Average平均为普通的

  if oil prices averaged $22 a barrel for a full year

  Today the messages the average Westerner is surrounded with are not religious but commercial and forever happy.

  4. Dynamic互动的

  we can’t yet give a robot enough ‘common sense’ to reliably interact with a dynamic world.

  5. Edge 有优势的

  Competitive edge cutting-edge technology.

  6. Exercise行使

  You can exercise the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law.

  7. feed

  If you then examined the European national youth teams that feed the World Cup and professional ranks, you would find this strange phenomenon to be ever more pronounced.

  8. Pronounced明显的

  9. Rate评估

  the trait we commonly call talent is highly overrated



  Immigrantsare quickly fitting this common culture


  At the core of this debate is chairman Gerald Levin, 56, who took over for thelate Steve Ross in 1992.

  13.Game 猎物 行业 诡计 花招 有冒险精神的

  The insurance game;

  Thelarge, slow-growing animals were easy game, and were quickly hunted toextinction

  Diplomatic game

  She is game for anything.

  14.Gathering 聚会

  I was addressing a small gathering in a suburban Virginia living room

  15.Green 幼稚的,不成熟的。

  A green hand

  16.Ground 理由、根据

  Have no ground to complain

  17.Handsome 大量的

  publishers who have, so far, made handsome profits.

  18.Heavy 难懂的、晦涩的

  The report makes heavy reading for publishers


  thecompany is financially ill-managed


  Impossible situation进退维谷的境地

  Impossibly 相当于very

  Impossibly difficult

  21.Industry 勤劳

  I am impressed by their industry.

  22.Plant 工厂

  Power plant 发电厂

  23.introduce 引出,引入

  introduce the topic of what makes expert performance

  24.jealous 珍惜的、精心呵护的

  be jealous of one’s own good reputation.

  25.Leave 委托,留给

  She leaves her assistant in charge.


  economic stagnation or decline have almost always left society more mean-spirited and less inclusive.

  much higher than the mean score of 80.


  To pay according to one’s mean按照个人的经济能力消费。

  28.Meet 满足,经历

  To meet disaster

  all citizens who meet minimal qualifications of age and literacy

  meet the demand.

  29.Narrow 勉强的、刚刚好的

  A narrow victory

  30.Observe 遵守,说话,评论,庆祝,庆贺

  Observe rules or regulations.

  She observes that the nightfall is coming.

  They observe the National Day.

  31.Part 分离,分开

  For one thing, the South could not afford to part with its slaves.

  32.Partial 热爱、偏见

  Be partial to sth喜欢某物

  Partial opinion

  33.Save 除了(介词)

  They know nothing about her save her name.

  34.Say 发言权

  You have no say in the decision.

  35.Smart 整洁而漂亮的, 高档的,灵活的,灵巧的

  A smart uniform

  a smart hotel

  a smart car

  36.State 陈述

  exaggerated statements

  which of the following statement is true?


  shared effort

  38. convention

  Here is an example, which I heard at a nurses’ convention

  39. common共同的

  the experiences and problems which are common to all of you

  40. remark 注意的

  He remarked the man’s inflamed wound.

  41. Charge

  Shippers feel they are being overcharged.

  42. rate价格

  Shippers who feel they are being overcharged have the right to appeal to the federal government’s Surface Transportation Board for rate relief

  43. weigh 考虑衡量

  They are inclined toweigh what they get

  44. even 相等的

  Even statistics

  45. voice 意见

  voices now come from many quarters insisting that the science about global warming is incomplete

  46. practice 惯例,做法

  The practice of giving premium to inventors

  47. tell 区分,分辨

  It is difficult to tell good information from bad.

  48. principal 最重要的,主要的

  They found the principal requirement for sth.

  49. figure任务

  Americans no longer expect public figures to command the English language with skill and gift.

  50. figure out弄清楚

  Help Your Kids Figure Out Who They Are

  51. issue 发行,授予

  The Organization for EconomicCo-operation and Development (OECD) has just issued a report.

  52. process

  meaningful processing ofinformation.

  53. cover 报道;支付

  To cover the disaster.

  To cover the cost.


  1. 放弃 abandon, desert, leave, discard, give up

  2. 压缩,缩写abbreviate, compress, condense, shorten

  3. 遵守abide, comply, follow, obey

  4. 能力ability, capacity, capability, genius, talent,faculty, gift,able, capable, qualified

  6. 不规律abnormal, irregular, unusual

  7. 废除abolish, cancel, delete, eliminate, terminate, doawaywith

  8. 吸收absorb, fascinate, attract

  9. 荒谬的absurd, foolish, ridiculous

  10. 充足的abundant, plentiful, rich, adequate enough sufficient

  11. 滥用abuse, curse, insult

  12. 接受,采纳accept, admit adopt

  13. 途径access, approach

  14. 事故accident, incident, event, occurrence, happening

  15. 欢呼acclaim, applaud, cheer, clap

  17. 陪伴accompany, follow, escort, go with

  18. 完成accomplish, achieve, finish, complete,fullfill

  20. 结果accordingly, consequently, hence, so, therefore,thus

  22. 积累accumulate,assemble, collect, gather, heap, pile

  23. 精确accurate, exact, precise, correct

  24. 控诉accuse, charge, condemn, prosecute

  27. 承认acknowledge, accept, admit,confess, recognize

  29. 获得acquire, obtain, gain, get, win, earn, secure,attain

  30. 行动,行为act, action, deed, operation, performance behavior

  31. 活跃的active, energetic, vigorous

  33. 真的actual, positive, real, true

  34. 额外的additional, extra, supplementary

  35. 演讲,讲话address, speech, lecture, report, talk

  37. 改变alter, modify, change, shift, transform, switch, ajust, revise, vary

  38. 管理administer, control, govern, manage, rule,supervise

  39. 崇拜admire, adore, appreciate, worship, honour,respect,

  40. 成人adult, grown-up, mature

  42. 有点advantage, benefit, interest, favor, profit, gain

  43. 建议advice, opinion, suggestion, propose,recommendation, view

  48. 害怕afraid, fearful, awful, dreadful, frightful,terrible, horrible, terrific, appalling, timid, scared

  52. 痛苦agony, anguish, pain, suffering, grief, misery,distress, sorrow

  54. 恐慌alarm, fright, horror, panic, terror, dread,startle, terrify, scare, intimidate

  56. 相似alike, similar, identical, assimilating

  58. 常常always, often, usually, frequently, repeatedly,regularly

  61. 祖先ancestor, forefather, predecessor

  62. 痛苦anger, indignation, temper, rage, fury, outrage,grievance ,irritated, annoy

  64. 焦虑anxiety,worry, care, concern, upset, depressed,

  65. 设备apparatus, instrument, device,equipment, tool, implement, appliance

  66. 明显的apparent, evident, obvious, clear, distinct, plain,conspicuous

  67. 出现appear, emerge, turn up, come being, loom

  68. 应用application, usage, utilize, employ, take advantage of

  69. 合适的appropriate, fit, proper, suitable

  70. 争论argue,debate, dispute, quarrel, discuss, reason, controversy

  72. 抓住arrest, capture, catch, seize,trap

  73. 假的,人造的artificial, false, synthetic, man-made, fake, unnatural

  75. 屈辱,丢人的ashamed, shameful, humiliated

  79. 同伴companion, company, colleague, fellow,partner

  80. 认为assume, deem,hold, deduce, suppose, presume

  86. 律师attorney, lawyer

  88. 增加augment, expand, increase, surge,soar, go up, rocket, sky-rocket

  89. 自治autonomous, independent, self-governing

  90. 可利用的available, accessible

  100. 重要的essential, fundamental, radical, vital, significant,crucial, critical, important, significant

  104. 开始begin, commence, start, initiate, launch

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